It's Not Your Fault That You Have Struggled to Take Off the Weight and Keep It Off!

There are hidden factors that make losing weight nearly impossible, no matter how strong your intention is. Those factors are so thoroughly hidden that most people don't have a clue how to combat them. Once you know the true cause of weight gain, you will have a chance to finally take control of your body.

Locked inside of you is an ideal body that desperately wants to get out. There's only one way to release it… it's to lose weight. It sounds simple but with so many fads the only question is, what's the best way to take pounds off and keep them off?

In truth, there is only ONE way to achieve permanent weight loss.

Excess Fat, Inflammation,
and Disease

Chronic inflammation is often called the "silent killer."

Temporary (or acute) inflammation is a necessary function of good health. You cut your finger, for example, and your immune system goes into action rushing white blood cells to the area to protect the finger from foreign invaders. The inflammation protects and helps nourish the injured finger back to health.

Chronic (long-term) inflammation, however, is another matter. Chronic inflammation is harmful to the body and may contribute to many diseases. There can be very few, if any, symptoms of chronic inflammation; hence the name the "silent killer."

Chronic inflammation smolders like an inactive volcano, then one day erupts with symptoms, but often it is too late, resulting in a heart attack, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's, or other diseases.

There can be many things that trigger chronic inflammation, one major culprit is excess body fat.

How It Works

Fat cells are made up of loose connective tissue. These fat cells (or fatty tissue) produce something called cytokines - tiny secreted proteins that regulate immunities and inflammation.

A normal amount of body fat does not produce excess cytokines that results in chronic inflammation. But as fat cells grow larger, they produce more and more cytokines, leading to long-term inflammation.

Surrounding the fatty cells are other cells called macrophages, which also produce cytokines. A certain amount of macrophages are necessary for good health, as they patrol the body for infection and clean up after cells after they die off. However, as fat cells expand the proportion of macrophages increases.

In overweight people, most of the inflammation-promoting cytokines are coming not from the fat cells, but from these macrophages! This excess production of macrophages ( caused by extra fat) triggers chronic inflammation.

What Can You Do About
The Silent Killer?

By reducing fat in your body, you reduce the production of cytokines, which in turn reduces the incidence of chronic inflammation. Fat is not the only thing that causes chronic inflammation, but it is certainly one of the major triggers.

Other causes of chronic inflammation can include certain foods such as Processed Foods, Alcohol, Gluten (wheat barley, rye), Dairy, Sugar, and Fast Food. Stress, Infections, and some Medications can also cause chronic inflammation.

So, what can you do about the Silent Killer?

Do the NUSTART NS10 or NS28 System!

NUSTART NS10 and NS28 Systems naturally cleanse the body of toxins.

It consists of a proprietary blend of herbs and nutrients, designed to cleanse the body of impurities and fat. You can do the diet once or repetitively until your target weight loss is achieved.

This is a 100% All-natural Weight Loss Program.

The NUSTART System melts away pounds and inches in three vital synergistic ways:

  • It Cleanses the fat-producing impurities of your body.
  • It Revitalizes the metabolism so that your body operates at its normal fat-burning level.
  • It Reprograms your body so that you no longer crave processed foods, empty carbs, and sugars, but instead desire nutritious life-enhancing foods such as proteins, fruits, and vegetables.

Whether you want to lose 5 or 150 pounds, this can easily be achieved by doing the NUSTART NS10 and NS28 Systems.

The system provides these health benefits:

  • Boosts energy and stamina.
  • Helps drop unwanted pounds and inches along with prescribed diet and exercise.
  • Decreases sugar and carb carvings.
  • Improves physical endurance.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Helps promote alkalinity in the body which promotes wellness.
  • Aids digestive health.

An Independent Medical Study showed that after only one week of doing the NUSTART system:

  • The average weight loss is 7.5 pounds in one week.
  • The average combined total inches per person (wait, chest, hips, abdomen) was 7.63 inches.
  • The average glucose measurement per person dropped by 3.7%.
  • The average total cholesterol per person dropped by 5%.
  • The average loss in triglycerides per person was 19.3%.
  • The average loss in body fat is 3.02%.

NUSTART helps dissolve fat naturally with a scientifically developed combination of nutrients that target and cleanse the body of impurities while kick-starting you back to a faster, more youthful metabolism without the use of drugs or stimulants.

NUSTART makes losing weight both fun and easy.