A: Yes. You should plan your life around this for the short time you are on it. The purpose of program is to cleanse toxins. So expect much higher than normal bowel movements, along with discomfort for some, for the first week of the program.

A: Often people think the purpose of exercising while on the NUSTART Cleanse is to “burn calories.”

Although this is somewhat true, a truer statement is: The purpose of exercising is to kick-start your metabolism so it runs at an optimum rate to help detoxify your body, which also helps you to lose weight. If a person’s body is overburdened with toxins (almost everyone), then the metabolism is going to be “sluggish.” Exercise is a sure and natural way to increase the
rate of metabolism.

A: The primary purpose for cutting down on food while cleansing is not to cut calories, but to give your digestive tract a break so that your body can more easily detoxify. The one-meal-a-day program, with limited vegetables and snacks, is specifically designed to allow cleansing to take place. Another way to do this is to not eat any food for a few days or a week. This, however, is very difficult for some people to do. Eating one meal a day, we found, works just as well.

A: What you are trying to achieve is a detoxification of your body (which involves giving your digestive tract a break). Fiber is very important for the detoxification process. The vegetables recommended for the cleanse are high in fiber.

Celery is an excellent source of vitamin C and a very good source of dietary fiber. It also has properties that are known to reduce blood pressure.

Cucumber is also a good source of fiber. Plus, you get the added bonus of vitamin C, silica, potassium and magnesium.

Raw Almonds are high in fat, but they also help in losing weight. Getting enough fat in your diet is helpful.

A: We suggest that you eat celery and cucumber for the reasons given in the above answer. If you would like to eat other vegetables in addition to these, here are some suggestions:

Okay to eat: Broccoli, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, lettuce.

Avoid eating: Artichoke, all beans, carrots, corn, tomatoes, peas.

A: Avoid all fruit while cleansing to lose weight. Fruit, in general, is good for you. If you just want to detoxify, you may eat a small amount of fruit. If you want to lose weight then avoid fruit.

A: It is best to do the cleanse without oils. If you feel you must have oil with your vegetables then use a small amount of extra virgin olive oil. A small amount of fish oil is okay too. Avoid salad dressing.

A: During the weeks you are doing the cleanse, the purpose of not eating is to give your digestive system a break so that you may detoxify better.

This is even more important than not eating because you don’t want to add calories to your diet. The purpose of doing exercise each day is to stimulate your metabolism, rather than just burn calories. So, if you feel you must eat more while doing the cleanse, simply snack on more vegetables or almonds, or add a second low-calorie meal during the day. As much as possible, however, try to stay with the cleanse as instructed.

A: It is important that you view losing weight as a process, rather than a “one-shot hit.” Anyone can lose weight if they follow the NUSTART program. Some people lose it much faster than others. It is important to realize that you will lose weight at a rate that is right for your body. Even if you don’t lose a lot of weight in the first week, your body will still start detoxifying, which has great health benefits. Work with your health provider to stay on the program, and you will reach your weight-loss goals.

A: For the first 10-20 minutes, it is not unusual to feel tired as you are walking. The idea is to walk at a comfortable pace. At some point, you should feel your energy level go up. Increase your speed, as you feel more energetic.

A: Generally speaking, men tend to lose weight faster than women. This is because the female body is designed
to hold onto fat for the purpose of bearing children. In fact, some research studies suggest that when a woman starts exercising the body will work extra hard to hold onto pounds. The solution is to keep going. It will come off.

A: When doctors did clinical studies with the NUSTART cleanse, they measured the body fat percentage among the participants. There was a significant drop after the program. Considering your body is 70 percent water, whenever you lose or gain weight a part of it is always "water weight." The body fat loss, as indicated in the study, showed that people doing the cleanse didn't just lose water weight, they lost fat. It is also worth noting that you drink about eight glasses of water a day while doing the cleanse. It’s almost impossible to lose “just water weight” while you are drinking so much water.

A: The NUSTART cleanse is all-natural and normally does not conflict with medication. Some medications, however, like anti-depressants promote weight gain. If you are on an anti-depressant, you may not lose weight as quickly or
effectively as not being on it. Always check with your doctor if you are taking any medication before starting the cleanse.

A: It is not unusual for someone to experience a dip in energy during the first day or two, maybe longer. This can be a sign that your body is starting to detoxify and burn its fat stores. Just continue with the cleanse and by the end of the week you will probably feel more energetic than you normally do.

A: Try eating some more snacks.
You can eat a bit of celery or cucumber when you get hungry. Or some raw almonds (not roasted or salted). Also, check the other vegetables listed above You'll be surprised that this hunger will probably go away as your body detoxes
some of the "junk" out of it.

A: It is a good idea to check with your doctor. In the research study done with the program, those with high cholesterol saw an average drop of 26.45 mg/dl. Triglycerides dropped an average of 22.31 mg/dl.

A: Keep in mind that any weight loss is a health benefit for you. You can try some special exercises to tone the muscles in those troublesome areas. Specific exercises are available in many books and on the Internet. We suggest reading Legion owner, Michael Matthew's books. For men: Bigger, Leaner, Stronger. For women: Thinner, Leaner, Stronger.

A: For most women their body tends to hold onto fat and water during their menstrual cycle. If you are doing the NS28 Cleanse you will obviously have to do it through your menstrual cycle. However, it’s not a good idea to do the FIRST WEEK during your menstrual cycle.

Whether you are doing the NS10 or NS28 program, for the best results, don’t start on the week of your menstrual cycle.

The Most Important Question:

A: Most general coffee sold in America is toxic to the body. The NUSTART cleanse is working to rid toxins from the body. Coffee actually stops the detoxification process. If you can do without caffeine, do so. If you have to have some, drink as little as possible, use imported higher-end beans, and try to not add sugars.

More You Need to Know About the NUSTART Program

This program has been designed to promote safe weight loss depending on how your body gives up fat. The average weight loss among the participants of the study was 7.5 pounds in the first week. Some people may lose weight at a somewhat higher rate, some lower. You should monitor your progress and stay with the program until you have reached your target weight.

Children and adolescents, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and people with significant health problems including bulimia, heart disease, kidney disease, or diabetes, should not begin this program without authorization from their primary care physician.

If you are under treatment for other conditions or taking medications prescribed by your healthcare provider, you should tell your doctor before starting this program. In some cases, adjustments to medications or modifications to the program may be appropriate. Weight loss can produce physical changes in the body, such as interruptions in the menstrual cycle, temporary hair loss, and dizziness. Such changes may indicate more serious health complications. Report any such changes that you notice to your primary care provider.

Keep in mind that weight loss can reduce many of the risks associated with being overweight and obesity: increased risk of heart disease, diabetes, some forms of cancer, gall bladder disease, osteoarthritis, stroke, and sleep apnea, among other illnesses. Losing even small amounts of weight (five to ten percent of body weight) may reduce these risks.

After the Cleanse

What do you do after you’re all done cleansing to maintain your ideal weight? It’s really quite simple: As much as possible try to stick with low-calorie high protein and vegetable meals. Feel free to eat fruit. Try to avoid food that is white: white sugar, white flour, white rice, white starches, and white potatoes…if it's white, it aint right. The exceptions are white meat (obviously). Also, you want to continue to put in, each day, twenty minutes of exercising or walking if possible. Remember, your body was not designed to sit down all day. It needs to get up and move.

Keep taking the Quick Burn capsules each day. You can and should do this for the rest of your life honestly, to help maintain your new weight. Follow this regimen and you will stay lean for the rest of your life.

One thing we must mention. Just because you have a new normal standard for health and fitness in your life, doesn’t mean that the people around you have that same standard. In fact, they most assuredly won’t. There are two things you can do about this. You can get them to do the NUSTART Cleanse, so that they too adapt to a new normal standard, or you can, as much as possible, acknowledge that you are in a different place than them, and that’s simply the way it is.
Yet, even with all your best intentions, we understand there will be Christmas parties, restaurant outings, birthday cakes, and so on. So if you slip, and “accidentally” eat a few slices of pie, don’t give yourself a hard time. Simply return to your clean lifestyle as soon as possible. If you really “fall off the wagon,” and start to put on a few pounds, you can always cleanse again. It’s good for you anyway.