9 Big Fat Lies and 1 Beautiful Truth

Big Fat Lie #1
"Taking diet pills alone can help me safely and permanently lose weight."

Most weight loss pills work by artificially speeding up your metabolism. This puts strain on your body, and when you stop taking the pills, your metabolism will react by going even slower than before you started. In the long run, any "lost weight" not only returns, but you will likely end up even heavier than before you started … along with possibly compromising your health.

Big Fat Lie #2
"Suppressing my appetite can help me safely and permanently lose weight."

To suppress your appetite, either by not eating at all, or by taking any pill, herb, or drug, is to deny your body the life-giving nutrients that food provides. Remember, it's not just how much you eat that determines your weight, it's what you eat. Suppress your appetite and your body goes into "starvation mode," which blocks it from burning fat, slows down your metabolism, and sabotages the entire weight loss process. In the end, the weight comes back with a vengeance.

Big Fat Lie #3
"Weight loss surgery can help me safely and permanently lose weight."

If you are considering gastric bypass, adjustable gastric banding, duodenal switch surgery, etc., please consider the following: According to a study done by Virginia Commonwealth University: 1,500 of the projected 150,000 Americans that will undergo weight loss surgery this year will die as a result. Other "side effects" of weight loss surgery can include vomiting, ulcers, hernias, internal bleeding, and a restricted diet for the rest of your life. Even when weight is reduced by such radical procedures it often finds its way back as the underlying cause of the excess weight simply was not addressed.

Big Fat Lie #4
"Low-carb diets can help me safely and permanently lose weight."

The body uses just one fuel to run on. This is called glycogen. Glycogen comes from glucose. Glucose is only found in carbohydrate foods. The theory behind low-carb diets is that in the absence of glucose in the diet, the body will utilize fat stores instead, converting these to glycogen (fuel) so the body can use them, thus losing weight. The horror of this theory is that for the body to convert fat into glycogen it is forced to create glycogen by cannibalizing its cells, breaking down muscle, including heart muscle. You may lose weight with a low-carb diet, but you will also lose something far more important, your health, or maybe even life.

Big Fat Lie #5
"Fat Blockers can help me safely and permanently lose weight."

A fat blocker is a pill you take (either prescription or non-prescription) that allegedly works by binding to the fats in your digestive system and creating a combined substance large enough that it will not travel through the walls of your gut into the bloodstream. Thus, you supposedly don't gain weight. There are three problems with this theory:

  • Many types of fat are good for you.
  • Good fat doesn't put on pounds.
  • Fat blockers remove both good and bad fat from your digestive tract.

Fat blockers can cause gas, diarrhea, and cramping. More importantly, life-providing nutrients get pulled out of your gut with fat blockers. Talk about throwing the baby out with the bath water!

Big Fat Lie #6
"Fasting or crash dieting can help me safely and permanently lose weight."

Extreme dieting causes your body to react to diminished calorie intake by slowing down your metabolism, actually burning fewer calories each day just to maintain your body functions. You end up losing lean muscle mass as well as fat and water weight. When you lose muscle, your metabolism is slowed even further. When you fall off of the diet (and of course you will) the weight piles back on even faster, as your body is geared to burning fewer calories per day. Worse yet, the pounds will return as fat rather than as the muscle you lost. Your body will be weaker, look fatter, and be less healthy.

Big Fat Lie #7
"Exercising like mad can help me safely and permanently lose weight."

Exercise is good. It's a safe method of speeding up your metabolism, but will exercise alone lose pounds? Unless you are a marathon runner, you won't lose many. Consider this: Two slices of pizza is about 2000 calories. You'd have to jog for about four hours non-stop to burn that many calories. If you manage to force the weight off through exercise, not only will the weight return, but you could feel worse from having lost the pounds. Why? Because you haven't addressed, much less handled the ONE factor that causes the body to hold onto fat, resist weight loss, and gradually slow down your metabolism.

Big Fat Lie #8
"Drinking green tea or juices such as Acai juice will help me safely and permanently lose weight."

There is only one way you can lose weight with green tea and Acai juice: by eating very little while you're drinking them on a diet. There's nothing in these drinks that helps you lose weight. They simply offer you fairly good nutrition while you're not eating so that you don't starve altogether. But by eating very little you will also be losing muscle tissue, lowering your metabolism, and setting yourself up for the yo-yo effect, which means you will likely gain all the weight back as soon as you revert to your previous diet.

Big Fat Lie #9
"The surefire way to get thin, ripped, and healthy is to just eat like the primitive man did, Paleo diet, cave men diet, etc."

The problem with these primitive solutions is that no one diet is correct for all people in this day and age, and although ancient man had one menu to choose from, he didn't have to contend with an onslaught of man-made chemicals in his food or his environment. These chemicals being indigestible poisons, confuse the human body and prompt the accumulation of fat as the only method of trapping toxins so they don't enter the bloodstream and kill you. So primitive diets are at best a half solution for a fraction of today's population.

The 1 Beautiful Truth

Not long ago a group of scientists decided to test a weight loss procedure at a major university. Thirty-six overweight adults were chosen. The participants were asked to drink an all-natural cleanse once a day, along with eating sensible meals and walking for a few minutes each day. Incredibly, after just seven days of doing the procedure, the average participant lost 7 pounds and even more inches.

What occurred to make this happen?

The participants revitalized their metabolism through cleansing. See, your metabolism controls your weight. But here's the important part: You can't revitalize your metabolism by adding something to it (no magic pill). You can only revitalize your metabolism by eliminating the suppressors that slow it down.

So what is suppressing your metabolism, making it sluggish so you gain weight?


A toxin is anything that gets into your body that is not natural food. The horror is that in today's modern society, we are all constant victims of toxins in our food. These toxins get trapped in our bodies and act as "fat magnets" - to say nothing about destroying our health. By correctly cleansing the toxins out of your digestive system you enable your metabolism to return to a naturally faster and more efficient level of fat burning. This is the only way to have pounds and inches come off and stay off.

Since that original medical study was conducted, hundreds of thousands of people have lost millions of pounds through the simple act of cleansing the body. Until now this clinical formula was available only through doctors and other licensed health care professionals. So there it is: Revitalizing your metabolism through targeted cleansing is the one beautiful truth about weight loss!

And now you too can achieve your ideal weight through this professional cleanse. No starvation, unhealthy pills, or fanatic dietary changes, just an amazing NUSTART!